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Hi again, dear reader, from one of the most un-kept-up-to-date Arsenal blogs around

Hi again, dear reader, from one of the most un-kept-up-to-date Arsenal blogs around. Last time I was here I was writing about a horrible loss for Arsenal and pondering the impact on the sad end to the Wenger era.

Some years on, we’re in the midst of a totally bizarre pandemic with Arteta (or at least his younger squad members) leading a surge in form. Form which could be an exciting new beginning should another lockdown not gazump football for the foreseeable.

I’ve never claimed to have insider knowledge into the club, and I don’t, but nor do I need it to see what a bit of enthusiasm and effort brings to a team bereft of ideas and impetus. A Martinelli showing shades of Alexis, a Saka on the road to a POTY perhaps, an ESR proving genuine workrate and willing can trump Özil’s tweeted charm offensive.

All of these are things to be celebrated, as is the absolute worldie of a goal, for a left-back, of Tierney against West Brom (*cough*, 4-0 Sam). And did I celebrate! Bouncing on the sofa with a pumped fist to the bemusement of the dog: “WHAT A GOAL”, before attempting to sound completely chill on Twitter.

The Arsenal are fun again, bringing joy, and more importantly, wins to our lives. And that we have a solid if uninspiring CB pairing in Holding and Mari is wonderful. Let them be our solid if uninspiring CBs, and continue to be solid to undo the un from the inspiring. Utterly solid CBs is what we deserve, after a cocktail of Mustafi, Sokratis and Luiz.

There’s the beginning of a solid back four or five in place it seems. Could be, may just be, and well done for Arteta for doing whatever it is he’s doing to help turn the form around. He’s doing something surely. Hopefully for Runarsson too: give him soime love and some bigger gloves.

Fun times

This 1992-1993 table shows the formative Prem – a wild, wild place

I know, I know, this season hasn’t been the best despite our recent uptick in form. But the league is enjoyable, no? From 4th to 12th, the difference is six points as I type.

And although I’d rather we hadn’t have flirted shamelessly with the bottom of table this season, the closeness of the league takes me back to the 92/93 era of Ipswiches and Sheffield Wednesdays in the Prem. Villa coming 2nd, the almost mythical Norwich of Gunn, Fox, Ekoku and Sutton playing wonderfully.

QPR! QPR finished 5th – it wasn’t a happy time for us in 10th, but boy I loved that season. I was 10 and Arsenal were wonderful, if a bit naff, and then some years later a Frenchman arrived.

Anyway, I hope we continue to climb, but the closeness of the league adds some enjoyment in the absence of the throbbing throng of crowd community.

Mob mentality

It’s not all fun and games though. If as a professional football club your social media team calls out a pundit, an excellent pundit, like Karen Carney purely for stating her opinion…it lacks class.

Here’s my view on that whole horrible saga. Needless from LUFC’s social media peeps really – especially given the clear amount of bigots who also sadly follow football and have access to a public platform to hurl abuse in the pile-on.

Having deleted her account, I hope Carney returns – or at least doesn’t have the episode prevent her from doing her job just as earnestly.

Anyway, best to you and yours in these trying times. See you again. Here’s hoping for more Tierney-time and hopefully a bit of Partey at the weekend against Newcastle.

That is, assuming football doesn’t leave us like it did in 2020. Please, no.


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One time fleet-footed wing-wizard (he tells himself). Now dog-father, writer of bits and Arsenal blogger.

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